Would definitely sign up my child for regular classes.
June 3, 2019

I enrolled my child in the P5 Intensive English Workshop during the sept holidays. My child feedbacked that she was more confident in attempting cloze passages and comprehensions with the techniques taught by Teacher Kimberly. She realized that there are other techniques in composition writing besides the technique taught in school and she hopes to use them in her school writing assessments. She enjoys the teaching as she finds Teacher Kimberly patient. Noted on my part that the resources are adequate, comprehensive and easy to comprehend and most importantly, I can use them to reinforce what was taught during the workshop. Would definitely sign up my child for regular classes.

Excellent Service!
April 24, 2019

My child really enjoys her time in MightyArrows, especially after a day of work in school. The centre’s director, Kimberly is a nurturing & gentle, sincere teacher who teaches & cares for the children like her own. She teaches them good values & sets a disciplined routine for the children to learn. My child usually finishes all her homework in the student care, & is able to learn up all her spellings well with supervision. One thing my child will exclaim, when asked what she likes abt the centre, is “I love the food!” The centre provides nutritious, yummy home cooked food. I feel very assured to leave my child in the care of MightyArrows, a place both my husband & I are really thankful for.

February 13, 2019

Dropped my Son here for adhoc care service and he loved it here. Kimberly runs the place well and cooks the food for the kids herself. The centre is clean and well-maintained. My son loved her cooking so much he still talked about it ◡̈ I will definitely place him here if my in laws are no longer able to care for him.

Satisfied Parent
December 16, 2018

With both parents working, we really depend on a reliable student care for our only son. Finally, last August we found the ONE. What I like is that Mighty Arrows teachers has daily lessons aligned to MOE syllabus for English and Math. They check that his homework and ensure that it is completed correctly. My son grades has improved and he works hard to achieve the target set too. There is also subject exam paper revision from other schools which I love most. Beside academically focus, what I like best is the character building values pass on to the kids like respect, responsibility, and compassion. Mighty Arrows makes my son more positive, confident and always eager to try and explore. He is now more active in sports like playing table tennis. My son has gain some "kilos" since he is with Mighty Arrows. He said the food there are delicious 😊 I really appreciate and big thank you to Ms Kimberly and her dedicated teacher.

Happy Parent
October 4, 2018

Mighty Arrows student care centre is quite accessible and has friendly and patient staff. My child enjoyed her creative writing class during the September holidays. The sessions were relaxed and ideas from the children were encouraged, thus giving my child a boost in creativity. The teacher also incorporated STEM activities in the sessions to support their learning. I will definitely enroll my child in future classes where she can learn concepts in a fun and engaging way.

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